Sunday, June 21, 2009

We Found Cheese!

We haven't been here long enough to miss anything, but one must look ahead and predict what one will miss the most (food-wise that is). Some of our friends back home actually call us "cheese heads." So, when we noticed that there wasn't any cheese in the grocery store near here, Michael got on it and sourced it out here in Bangalore.

Actually, we found two spots yesterday to buy cheese. One, Sunny's Restaurant in downtown Bangalore, is an upscale place that we went to in March with people that Michael works with. One can get anything from sushi, to lamb chops, to fabulous desserts - in otherwords we really shouldn't be craving anything. In the back they have a small supply of cheese: parmesan, feta, gorgonzola and so on. As well, one can purchase salami, a whole ham, bacon, and fish to take home.

The second place is Spar Supermarket which is large and has an even better selection of cheese, including white cheddar and camembert. Spar also has some nice loaves of bread, a better selection of meat, fruit, vegetables and sauces. One definitely pays for the comforts of home - no price difference or even more expensive for imported cheese, sauces, olive oil etc. One can buy alcohol at Spar, including wine and again it is expensive. Kingfischer beer and Indian wine is reasonable of course.

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  1. Long live cheese-couldn't live without it.


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