Monday, October 19, 2009


Diwali is the most festive day of the year for Hindus. The "festival of lights" is celebrated with families decorating their homes with lanterns, festival lights (Christmas lights), and garlands.

We arrived home from vacation on Diwali and everyone at the airport was greeted with a Diwali gift box. We each received two diya and a toran. The diya is a lamp (candles) used to light the entrance to the home. The toran is a garland used to decorate the doorway.

From the moment we got home we could hear the fireworks going off. We felt like we were in a war zone until midnight when the sounds died down. We walked around the complex admiring the decorated houses and lantern displays. On any festival day rangoli artwork brightens sidewalks and doorsteps.

Our neighbours had lots of fireworks, big and small which we all enjoyed. But I must admit it was the Dad's who had to keep lighting "just one more."

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