Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rajasthan: Udaipur

We arrived in Udaipur in the evening and stayed at the Trident Hotel. The Trident is owned by the Oberoi. It is nice but not as upscale as the Oberoi. There are lush grounds to walk about, and a nice, but cold pool and you can walk a little ways down around the corner to Lake Pichola for nice views of the Palace.

The only drawback was that we were kind of tired from all the travelling and happy to be in a decent hotel and so we spent the whole next day relaxing at the hotel.

Which only left one day to tour around Udaipur. We went to a modern art shop which was a nice change. We toured the Palace and had a nice lunch on the terrace overlooking the lake. Walked around Udaipur a bit and watched the sunset from the ghats.

Our time in Udaipur was short and I don't think we got the most out of it. It does have a different feel with the lake and the hills - it is pretty.

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