Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bangalore Days

Went back to see the Orthopedic specialist at RxDx yesterday (250Rs). As expected he just recommended resting my hand for 10 days. I was kind of hoping to get a decent splint from them but what he did was tape my 3rd and 4th finger together with that really sticky pink tape. He recommended coming back to see him in 10 days to start physio - ummm - probably not. Then they proceeded to charge 250Rp for the three little pieces of tape. That was strange. A consult with an Orthopedic specialist is the same price as three pieces of tape?? Oh well. First thing I did when I got home was take off the tape and reapply my own homemade splint.

I did ask the Dr.if I could do yoga and he said yes. So I got back into it today as spring break is over and the kids are back at school. I have to admit the headstand and handstands are a little taxing on the fractured fingers. Maybe I shouldn't do that for a couple weeks? But the good news is another spot has opened up on Fridays and so I will be doing yoga Tues. and Fri. It is so great!

Today is our 19th wedding anniversary and the doorbell rang at 7:00am. We ignored it the first two times but we figured they weren't going away by the third ring. Michael got up and it turned out to be someone from the restaurant in our complex wishing us a Happy Anniversary and inviting us to a free dinner tonight. Quite humorous actually.

Although it is tempting (especially for a Ukrainian) to take up an offer of a free meal just steps from our house, we are going to go downtown to the Taj to a recommended Vietnamese restaurant. Perhaps we can send the kids in our place for the free meal?

Tomorrow we have to go to the FRO office to extend our visas. I went down last week with Rohith (from Michael's work) who knows the people and helps us fill in the proper forms and get into the right lineups. Then we were given forms to take to the police station to verify that there are no warrants for our arrest. Tomorrow all four of us have to go and sit in the office while Rohith does all the work.

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