Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We spent a day at Wonderla this past weekend. It is an amusement park with water slides and dry rides as well. We had a lot of fun, starting off with a few dry rides. I must say the Indian people do like to have a good time. We went on one sort of "haunted house" style ride called the Dungeon Ride - the four of us were in the front of the "car" and then two more rows of locals (adults) behind us. They hooted and hollered the whole time. It was hilarious.

We spent most of our time at the water slides. There was one little glitch that I had not forseen. The Indian women don't wear bathing suits. They either sit on the side and watch or they go in the water fully clothed, usually wearing a salwaar kameez (knee-length top over loose pants). I was quite perturbed at first because I had my bathing suit on, with a skirt and top over. There was no way I could just wear my bathing suit and there was no way I could wear my skirt on the slides.

Luckily Alanna was wearing shorts, so I stole them from her. Well, she's twelve and a lot smaller than me. At least I could get them on but I couldn't do them up. Luckily (again), I had a long enough top to hide the top of the shorts. Alanna is young enough that she could get away just wearing a top over her bathing suit. Actually, even a lot of the men wore their clothes in the water.

The waterslides were a lot of fun, some straight down, some where you lie down and then some where you can go on tubes. The last one we went on was the funnest: the log ride. When you hit the water, water shoots up all around you...and you get soaked!

Unlike other water parks there was no where to lie down and sun bath. It was more a Disneyland type of park; line up, go on a ride and then go to the next ride. There were lots of slides and rides that we didn't have time to go on. I'm sure we'll be back again some time soon.

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