Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adapting to Bangalore

The kids and I arrived in Bangalore early this morning after being in Canada for almost two months. I think as humans we adapt to our surrounding pretty easily. Well, maybe not so easy if it is your first time in India. But here we are and it feels pretty normal. Our house is sparsely furnished and decorated but it has everything we need. I'm not sure that it feels like home, but more like our home away from home.

After being away so long it's interesting to walk around and notice things that I hadn't even thought of for two months. I think the sounds are foremost. The exotic bird sounds, the high pitched chipmunk sounds and especially the horns and traffic. In Canada I thought most about the busy streets and interesting sights that one sees on the Indian streets. The streets and sidewalks in Canada are so bare and quiet. But I forgot about the sounds.

Today I had to remember about using bottled water for brushing teeth and no more drinking tap water. I had to remember that you must turn on a switch before using the microwave, kettle, toaster etc. The geyser has to be turned on in order to warm up the water before a shower. And I had to remember that the internet doesn't always connect - as it didn't when I first tried.

It was a little cool when I first got up and grey outside. But soon the sun came out and I was having my coffee outside on the patio, reading a magazine. Then it poured rain - it's monsoon season - for ten minutes.

Some things never change. Michael and I discussed travel plans for the next year - after taking all his vacation for this year (four days left) it's going to be a challenge to get away much. Luckily there are alot of stat holidays in the fall, so lots of long weekends.

Craig filled up his basketball and we got air in the bike tires. He also has plans to eat all his favorite foods here in India within the next two days. Alanna had a friend over and talked and talked and talked. And of course she has already made plans to go to the mall. I'll be back at the OWC coffee morning on Thursday and looking forward to seeing what's going on in the next month. Lots of planning for the charities and articles to write for the Rangoli. And especially nice to see that one of my photos is on the front cover of the Aug. issue of the Rangoli!

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