Friday, August 13, 2010

Daily Living

The kids are back to school, they are just finishing their first full week today. They seem to be ok with it and settling in well to the routine. They both refuse to eat breakfast or lunch at school so they have breakfast at home and make their own lunch. Craigs only complaint is that he only gets gym once a week now, which isn't much at all. They are each suppossed to be getting laptops from school, but surprisingly enough (not) the company hasn't delivered them yet "tomorrow, tomorrow."

I started a new yoga class today, it is different but seems ok. This teacher concentrates a lot on yoga breathing also known  as Pranayama. I'm sure it all has health benefits but it can be quite comical. One technique for the thyroid: take a deep breath in, both eyes look towards mid temple, stick tongue out and curved down as far as possible and make a loud (demonlike) sound from your throat. Luckily we only did that one twice.

I have also spent too much time waiting around for people to fix things. Our outside water tank is leaking, more electrical problems, sliding shower door that refuses to slide, a lot of mold on our upper outside decks and some mold on one of the kitchen cabinets.

Finally yesterday it looked like we were getting somewhere. My buddy in the orange jumpsuit from "Handyman" came and fixed some electrical problems. One of which was a little embarrassing when he told me there was no light bulb in the light above a desk - no wonder it didn't work. Our ceilings are high and of course he didn't have a ladder with him so he proceeded to put my step ladder on the kitchen table to fix the light. I've also seen people balance on the back of two kitchen chairs to get high enough.

Someone also came to inspect the mold on the decks and check the shower door. Both of them said they would be back today to fix same. Neither have shown up.

However the milkman came by today although I've never bought any from him.  And the flower guy came by as well and for 300Rp ($7 Can) I bought a lovely bouquet of ten Bird of Paradise. He shows me everything on the doorstep and then trims what I choose and puts it nicely into one of my vases.

Looks like we are settling back into India just fine.

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  1. Bird of Paradise is such a graceful pose. I haven’t been able to do it yet myself. Leeann Carey, an amazing teacher, has a great free yoga video on this pose. Thought your readers might want to check it out:


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