Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Posts

1) Yesterday my post was in regards to the Ayodhya verdict. I really didn't think the verdict would come in today but around 1:45pm we heard that the verdict would be announced at 2:00pm. And the verdict is..."likely to be pronounced by the High Court on September 30th."

So once again people cancelled events and worried about religious conflict - and nothing happened. We had an OWC charity event this morning and I am so glad that we did not cancel it. And certainly they will not announce on Thursday, right before the Commonwealth Games start - especially now that Camilla and Charles are in the country (see #2).

2) A few weeks ago Michael and I spent two days at Soukya Holistic Health Centre. Guess who's staying there now -  Camilla Parker Bowles, (Prince Charles wife). Other famous people have stayed there as well: Sting, Tina Turner and Sarah, the Duchess of York to name a few.

3) And the most exciting update of them all - my yoga teacher Osnat is back - and she is starting classes again tomorrow! Can't wait!

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