Sunday, March 6, 2011

Indian Wedding Part 1 - The Reception

The Wedding Reception
We were invited to an Indian wedding this weekend - finally! Well, we had been invited to a couple before, but both were people we didn't know and out of town so we didn't go. So we were really happy to be invited to the wedding of someone that Michael works with.

An Indian wedding is very different from a western wedding. For starters, the wedding reception was Sat. night and then the wedding was Sunday morning. Apparently most people go to one or the other, not both. As happy as I was to go to both, two events in 24 hrs did cause me a bit of stress - it meant wearing two saris!

At home, Michael tried for 45 minutes to pin the dupatta (the "scarf" part that drapes over the shoulder). He did a pretty good job but I looked a bit like a football player on one side. We did have to go to another event first at the Leela hotel so I went to reception and asked the girl at the desk to help me. No problem, looked like she did it all the time and even Michael had to admit it looked a lot better.
We got to the wedding reception at 8:30pm and basically what happens is the bride and groom stand on a stage all night, receiving guests and having their photos taken with everyone. There was a long line up on the left side of the hall but all of a sudden someone whisked us up the middle aisle and straight up onto the stage. We said hello, had a photo taken, and were introduced to the grooms mother, father, and sister. The ladies all wore nice saris and lots of gold jewellery (I was definitely lacking in jewellery), the men wore dress pants and shirts.

Next, we were directed upstairs where lots of people were already mingling and enjoying an Indian buffet. We had a bite to eat and talked to a few people from Michael's work. And then we were off - we were there all of 40 minutes!

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