Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moving Day

Well it is moving day today. It's 7:00am, have to get the kids off to school and then Michael and I will continue to organize our stuff. Still hoping to get everything into an air shipment but we have our doubts - amazing how much we have accumulated over two years. Not big things but lots of smaller items.The problem is they all add up.

Giving as much stuff away as possible. Most of it goes to our maid who is a single Mom of two boys. A few things like a TV, water purifier and all our potted plants and trees will go to one of the OWC charities, Bangalore Hospice Trust, a palliative care center for cancer patients. They make it easy and have even arranged transportation for the goods at a reasonable fee of about 500 rp ($10).

One last coffee and cinnamon bun on the patio before the movers come at 10:00am.


  1. Your blog has been an inspiration! We (me, my wife and my 4 year old daughter) are planning our move to Bangalore from the US; we plan to arrive on July 15th and stay for 3 years. Thanks so much for all the useful tidbits, and good luck with the move and returning home!

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and following your time here in Bangalore. I am also an expat here and have been inspired by all your adventures.All the best for your move back to Canada.

  3. Nice, Best Wishes for a new life back in Canada.

  4. Thanks for an amazing blog

  5. See you soon! Great to read all the positive comments.

    C & I


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