Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back to the Cul-de-Sac

We have landed on Canadian soil - with no return ticket in hand. We've been off of Planet India for two weeks, decompressing in Greece. Two weeks? It already seems like a lifetime ago that we were in India, in fact it seems unreal that we actually lived there.
Maybe Greece - Santorini in particular - was too good to us? The food, the wine, the vistas (spectacular), the relaxed/no worried atmosphere - just too tempting to stay longer. Guiltily we all admitted we didn't miss India at all.

There is a term, after a long relationship ends and you meet someone else right away - the new guy is known as the rebound guy. The rebound guy is so great he helps you get over your long relationship guy. Well, Greece was our rebound guy, so good that we had no desire to go back to India, it made our inevitable return to Canada much easier.

Just before landing in Vancouver the pilot told us the temperature was 16 degrees celcius with blustering winds. It seemed like we descended through ten minutes of clouds and I was waiting for what lay underneath. Rain. Dark. Cold. But we saw a glimmer of sunshine that somehow made it through the was bright and chilly, but not windy - this would do.

We were greeted at the airport by family and whisked home to Michael's sisters' house. Our tennants moved out of our house on the 29th and we got the keys back to our house. It will be about a week before we move in but it is nice to have a home to go back to.  Our home. Canada.

I am sure we will miss our "rebound guy," Greece, but I know in the end it will be India that will creep back into our thoughts and our memories.

There is no place like India. I hesitate to sign off completely, to finsh blogging. There is a lot more to write about, believe me. So many stories that I could not tell while in the country - many funny stories, some frustrating ones, but all unbelievable. Eventually I will put it all down in writing, maybe a little at a time, maybe all at once.

The last two years were an adventure, full of opportunity and ups and downs. The future will bring more travel, more change and more opportunity. But if there is one thing that stuck from the ashram - the most important thing is to do is to "live in the now."


  1. "There is no place like India", what sets it so apart, may I ask?

  2. Yup. 16000 Languages and wide variety of cultures. This is what we call a true nation. Nice Blog.

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