Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Movin' On

Things are looking up and the move is becoming real. Well, we are going through the motions, although it's still hard to believe we'll be gone in less than three weeks. We've had a few house showings and I'm getting kind of tired of keeping the house spotless. But that's all part of it and it will be worth it once it gets rented out. The cupboards are getting barer as the garage fills up with packed boxes.

We've never used Craigslist before but decided to try it out. We sold everything from a couch, a chair, wii games, a wine barrel and even the van. Everything was sold and picked up the same day I posted it, except the van which took a few days. I'm impressed. The people put a deposit on the van and will pick it up a few days before we leave.

Looks like the company has arranged a three bedroom apartment for our arrival in Bangalore, until we move into a house. We will probably be in the apartment for a few weeks but that will give us a chance to look for furniture and buy the essentials.

They are still negotiating with the landlord for a house in Bangalore that we might rent. I guess in India negotiations must go on for a while so both sides feel like they have won. There is a pool, tennis courts and fitness room in the complex and we want that fee included in the rent. The landlady says she's "just an old lady from Delhi, renting it out for her daughter in America," and doesn't want to have to pay taxes on the fees etc. The person negotiating for us replied, "but this is a family with young children from Canada where it is very, very cold. They will not be used to the heat. You wouldn't want them to be in India without a pool..." I just laughed, we'll see what happens.

My Dad is out of the hospital which is good, and we've been doing the rounds to visit with our friends before we leave. The last week will be spent visiting with both of our families and as I look at the calendar we need to be organized and have most of the packing done by the end of next week. Yikes!

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