Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Reclining at the Movies

Who would have thought that going to the movies could be so luxurious? In India there are different classes of theaters to choose from when you want to see a movie: Classic, Europa and Gold.

Classic is much like the movies in Canada - a seat and a drink holder. Europa has wider, plush seats with a drink holder. Both of these are comfortable and adequate. But if you want luxury and service - go for the Gold! Huge, wide reclining leather seats. And when I say reclining I mean flat out on your back reclining.

The experience starts once you have purchased your ticket and go into the Gold lounge area to preorder food (popcorn, drinks, candy, chicken burgers, nachos etc.). The theater itself is small, with a limited number of preassigned seats. The kids were pretty excited when they saw the seats (we didn't realize we were going for Gold) and how far back they reclined. We got nice and comfy in our chairs and waited for the popcorn and drinks to arrive and the movie to start.

The screen lit up with the words, "Please stand for the Indian National Anthem." Darn, we all had to find the controls to upright the chairs, put shoes back on and stand up. It was actually a lovely rendition. Check it out:

Back to the supine position and the movie started. A few minutes later the food was brought in and served on our individual tables. All in all a nice treat. Cost was about Rs 600 ($13) each, which included Rs 100 each for food. Comparable to western prices if you include food.

If you don't want to pay as much and don't need the luxury, Classic cinema is Rs 150 and Europa is Rs 175. So far we've been to PVR Cinema at Forum mall, Koramangala which has 11 theaters, and Fame Theater at the new Forum Value Mall in Whitefield, with five theaters. Oh, and it's always a good idea to check online and see what language the movie is playing in.

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