Monday, September 7, 2009

What Next?

Does it surprise me that I'm still waiting for the mattress for the spare room to be delivered? No. They said it would take ten days at the most. It's been a month. Although I have to admit they did deliver one after 2 1/2 weeks but it was the wrong one.

The cable is not working. He said he would deliver a new cable box last week. Still waiting.

Let's see, we've lived in this house almost two months. Just when we think we are settled..."What next?" That's our favorite saying.

I guess it started with the mattresses on the first night that we moved in - they were all too long for the beds. Then the internet took about three weeks to get installed. We've had to have the dishwasher serviced, as well as the hot water tank for the kitchen, a curtain rod needed reattaching to the wall, a curtain rod replaced, two shower heads needed cleaning out (hard water). The kitchen table top had to be replaced because it was scratched upon delivery.

Of course there was the flood and the ensuing mosquitos and small bugs that came in with it and so we had pest control come in so we could start anew and feel clean.

Then our driver dropped us off at a restaurant and was gone when we came out. He answered after about the 3rd call and said something about "I made a mistake" and "accident." He said he'd pick us up in five minutes. He didn't show up and so we got a rickshaw home. Later we found out that he was in an accident and the van ended up in the shop for a week. The driver is ok.

Did I mention the curtains? I ordered them for the bedrooms and living room. First they called to say they couldn't get the shade that I ordered for our bedroom. "OK," I said, "a shade darker will be fine."

The next week I phone to see if they are all ready. The woman tells me "yes." I'm half way downtown (45 min.) when they call me to say, "No, the bedroom ones are still not ready." I go anyway to pick up the rest and they agree to courier others out to me.

That night Michael and I start hanging the curtains - they are all tab curtains so it is easy to do. Alanna's look great. Craig's - hmmm, about 5" too short. Living room - four curtains, all slightly different sizes, and two are definitely too short.

Four days later I receive our bedroom curtains by courier. They are fine. I go back to the shop and return Craigs' curtains as well as two for the living room. They agree to make completely new ones. Two weeks later I phone them to see if they are ready. Yes, but they didn't have an exact match for the living room so they went a shade lighter. Awkward silence. But they have made all four new ones so they will all match. That's where we stand now and hopefully tomorrow I will go down and pick them up.

Wow, all this in only two months. What next? The next twenty-two months should be quite entertaining, that's for sure. As for the mattress for the spare room - let's just hope it gets here before our guests at the end of the month.

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