Monday, October 25, 2010

More Maldives

The rest of the Maldives trip was not as adventurous as the snorkelling trip. It was pure relaxation. It's only a 2 hour flight from Bangalore to Male and then a stunning 45 minute seaplane flight over the tourquoise waters and tiny islands to the island that we stayed on.

The water is warm, the sand is soft and white, the food is plentiful and tasty and there's really not much to do. Alanna's favorite part would be the desserts and Craigs would be the pasta. If eating were an Olympic sport they both would have won gold in their respective categories. (desserts/pasta). We read, we ate and once a day we dragged ourselves to the snorkelling boat to swim with the fish.

The coral is dead from el nino. But there are lots of variety of colorful fish. And of course seeing the turtle swim right underneath me on the last day was a site to see!

The Maldives are spectacular and so are the prices. The islands are small (ten minutes to walk around ours) and the elevation gain: seven feet. So as you can imagine it's hard to get much exercise. Luckily the tsunami a few years back didn't hit hard or they would have been wiped out completely.

With global warming the Maldives are endangered so we are so glad to have been able to experience them now. So close, but so expensive. Who knows if we'll ever make it back again?

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