Friday, October 8, 2010

Time to Fly the Coop

We've been living in India for almost 16 months. We've done pretty good, been pretty positive, but sometimes life here can get to you.

All sorts of little things are in need of being fixed in the house and the landlady is fighting every little thing. From electrical problems to mold problems to A/C problems to shower door problems to BUG problems. One part of the problem is getting the landlady to pay for it, another even bigger problem is getting people to come and fix things. First they have to come and look at it, then they have to go and get their tools (no - no one comes with tools), then they have to order the part...and then they come back and fix it or they just ignore it and don't come back at all.

Then there is still the grocery store issue - yes I have plenty to choose from now in the area. If only I could go to one and get everything. Now I try a different strategy. I go to one store but have three lists. If they have everything on list #1 that's what I will make for dinner. If they don't I proceed to list #2 etc.  But it's the standing in line (at this one store) that bugs me - where people butt ahead and I end up waiting for twenty minutes in line.

There's other things but I won't bore you. I haven't complained (much) in 16 months so hopefully this is just a blip. Oh, oh, oh, did I mention last Saturday night Michael and I got all dressed up (just the two of us) and went downtown (45 min) to a nice restaurant. Only one other couple in the restaurant and we sat down, they gave us the menu and then we asked for the wine menu - "uh, sorry, it's a dry day." Yes, it was Ghandi's birthday/peace day and so no drinking aloud. Well, that was a quick dinner.

As I was saying hopefully this is just one little bit of negativity. In fact there's only one thing to do when in a rut and that's get out of it - get out of town - so that's what we shall do for the next week. See ya later, back in a week!

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