Saturday, April 30, 2011

More About the Royal Wedding (part 2)

A few more things about the Royal Wedding:

Married a prince but still not a princess? Doesn't seem right does it? After all this time - ten years - and all the thought that went into "do I really want to be a princess," and what does she get - HRH the Duchess of Cambridge. Kate's certainly giving up any sense of an ordinary life - one would think she would at least be given the title of Princess. But no, the Queen had a bunch of titles thrown into a hat and pulled out HRH the Duchess of Cambridge - at least she gets to use HRH.

Only a couple of celebrities that I noticed:

1)Elton John - caught on camera singing hymns looking rather stuffy - come on Elton snap your fingers or move your hips a little.

2)David and Victoria Beckham - her wearing black (oops it's a wedding not a funeral) and looking royally upset about something. A few reasons why:
  1. Perhaps she was upset that David didn't put on his hat, (V)"put on your hat David."  (D)"No, I don't want to mess up my hair."
  2. She may have been miffed at having to ride in one of those horrible mini buses back to the palace - (V)"I want to ride in a horse and carriage. It's not fair that Kate and William get one and we don't." 
  3. She didn't get a front seat at the wedding.
  4. She was royally pregnant and mad at her Dr. for refusing to do a c-section prior to the wedding.
The cameras panned to Kates' Mom singing "God Save the Queen" with the gueen sitting practically next to her. That must have been an "aha" moment.

After the "kiss on the balcony" the couple drove off in an Astin Martin; probably a wish of the prince - "just once I'd like to drive a car down that road with the top down." Well don't get used to it cause it's never going to happen again "future king." Did you notice the big "L" on the front of the car? A little embarrasing but yes, even a prince has to get a learners license.
Whereas Charles and Diana had the fairytale wedding this so reminded me of "The Sound of Music" weddding. The music, the boys choir and the high camera shots from above - definitely reminded me of Julie Andrews walking down the isle. Now that I think of it maybe even the dress? I'll have to get out the CD and compare the two.

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