Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding (Part 1)

I have to interupt my Kabini posts for a quick view on the Royal Wedding. First of all please excuse any grammar/spelling mistakes because 1)I'm writing this blind and 2) I've had a few glasses of Proseco - couldn't afford Kate and Wil's $1500 bottles of wine.

Started watching coverage early with a lot of blah blah blah about Diana and this and that. Also had to go to my children's science fair at 1:30 - what kind of a school schedules a science fair during the Royal Wedding coverage? Anyway stayed for a reasonable length of time and made it back to see the royals arriving at Westmenster Abbey. Flipping back and forth from CNN and BBC but the choice was made when the royals were leaving Buckingham Palace in minibuses - the BBC named the royals in a monotone voice - while CNN roared with laughter at the silliness of royals in minbuses, wondering if they were having a few drinks and singing songs! Promptly decided CNN was the way to go - Kat Deely of "So You Think You Can Dance" fame, Piers Brosnon, and Anderson Cooper.

What did I think of the wedding - understated - it was like a couple of good friends getting married, very mature and well thought out - in love. Hard not to compare it to Charles and Diana who barely new each other - theirs really was more of a fairy tale. While the wedding today was well thought out between two people who really knew each other.

The dress? Lovely, a little old fashioned with the lace, high collar and long sleeves. Worst dressed - the Duke and Duchess of Yorks' daughters - Eugenie and ? Miss Piggy blue dress and Mickey Mouse hat - sad. Lovely day for the Middleton's - they must have been gobsmacked - their daughter marrying a royal.

It was all very lovely but not the pomp and circumstance because the couple is much more down to earth than most other royal weddings. Let's hope they are partying into the night with friends and enjoying the moment.

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